Sometimes our childhood dreams come true. We come to understand why we did things in the carefree days of our youth. Because as we grow older (and perhaps wiser), they come back to give us fulfilment and joy. I used to sketch as a child and then use bright colours to fill in the spaces. Keeping inside the lines was a challenge but something I eventually accomplished. Now I want to break out of that box. I want to be more carefree with the art I create. I want to make people smile, cry and laugh at my art and, yes, critique. How else can I learn to be the best I can be, if not through the eyes of others. On the pages that follow are examples of my journey in art, including landscapes, portraits, pet portraits and encaustics. I don’t know where I am headed with my art, I only know that I eventually want to get there. Enjoy, Suzanne Goyetche
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